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Motivation Minute

Oct 28, 2017

008 - Never Eat Alone

Key Points

  • Build your network before you need it
  • Strive to personally add value to each relationship
  • Consistently follow up to reap the greatest network benefits


#1 Takeaway: Ideal networking prioritizes making others more successful - not yourself!


Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi) -

Oct 24, 2017

This episode evaluates the question "Should You Go to College?" from two viewpoints.  Jeriah - an entrepreneur without college background.  Spencer - an engineer with a bachelor's degree.


This was recorded as an episode and a video.  The video version is available from the Motivation Minute YouTube channel - 

Oct 4, 2017

Key Points

  • Start by developing habits that enable personal victory
  • Achieve public victory by focusing on teamwork strategies
  • Intentionally pursue balanced self-renewal to improve effectiveness


#1 Takeaway: Focus on the highly important but non-urgent priorities to increase personal effectiveness.


The 7 Habits of...