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Motivation Minute

Sep 29, 2017

Key Points:

  • Outliers are individuals with far above-average talents
  • Becoming an outlier requires tremendous dedication - over 10,000 hours of hard work
  • External factors (current events, ethnicity, family wealth levels, societal norms) also impact who outliers are


#1 Takeaway: Becoming an outlier requires balancing...

Sep 24, 2017

Key Points:

  • Israel nationally has the highest concentration of engineering and R&D in the world
  • Mandatory military participation promotes startup culture
  • Bottom-up ideation mindset sparks creativity


#1 Takeaway: Successful entrepreneurs embrace constructive failure and balance drivenness and adaptability.



Sep 17, 2017

Key Points:
- Maximize assets and minimize liabilities
- Utilize self-employment to increase earning potential
- Seize strategic opportunities to buy investments

#1 Takeaway: Pursue positive cash flow by differentiating assets from liabilities to achieve wealth.

Sep 15, 2017

Key Points:


#1 Takeaway: Use the two-minute rule to boost productivity on simple tasks.  Start with simpler tasks and work up to larger projects.



Sep 15, 2017

Key Points:

  • Wealth vs. cash flow
  • Wealth accumulation rates
  • Frugal and future-focused mindset


#1 Takeaway: Anyone can achieve wealth - or even become a millionaire - through frugal living, smart choices, and wise investments.


The Millionaire Next Door (Thomas Stanely) -

Getting Things Done...