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Motivation Minute

Nov 30, 2018

- Businesses fail because they want the right things, but measure the wrong things

- The greatest assets for fixing a business are the people and tools you already have

- Nobody loses when the whole team wins

Nov 23, 2018

- The hardest part about running your own business is often just getting up every day and going to work

- When you’re cold calling, make the other person hear your smile through the phone

- Don’t be afraid of silence in negotiations.  The last to speak loses


Guest: James Jones, President of Answer Tax & Business


Nov 16, 2018

- Brown cows are boring - succeeding today takes being a purple cow

- Appealing to everyone is a lost cause.  Go for a sliver group of “sneezers”

- Playing it safe is risky, very good isn’t good enough



Andrew Smith, Founder of ProRustics Home & Furnishings


- Instagram - @ProRustics


Nov 2, 2018

- Smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old

- Instead of asking “Who moved my cheese?”, try asking “Why didn’t I get up and pursue more cheese sooner?”

- Give equal value for free to your customers as you expect them to purchase


Guest: Chase Shaw

- Provident Payments (